Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Snowshoeing Porter Mountain

The Adirondacks is not only great for hiking, it is superb in the winter for snowshoeing. Its steep up hills make it a great workout, but with fresh powder covering the mountain and trees it makes for a beautiful and comforting atmosphere.

A fairly easier mountain(s) to snowshoe is Porter and Cascade. You can snowshoe up to Porter (4050’) and traverse over to Cascade Mountain (4098’). On a clear day you can enjoy a nice view of the snowy mountain range, especially from the fire tower. So bring a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee and enjoy the views. Total distance is about 13km for both Porter and Cascade. It took us a total of 4hrs to do without breaks.


Trailhead: Route 73 near Cascade Pass/Pitch off
Time: 4hours
Distance: 13km
Elevation Gain: ~ 3000’

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