Friday, September 3, 2010

Half-Marathon Training

Well I am currently in my last few weeks of training for my fourth half-marathon. In May I ran the National Capital Half Marathon and after a few weeks of rest I had the bug to start running long distances again.

I have logged my training for both 1/2 marathons and have provides some posts about mileage progression, speed training, hill training, nutrition, motivation, strength training etc...

My first half marathon did not meet my personal goal, clocking over 2 hours. This was due mainly to a lack of proper training (no hill or speed training) and I was struggling with painful abdominal adhesions and hip bursitis. Thanks to Active Release Techniques (ART) treatment from a great massage therapist and chiropractor, and a lot of patience, I overcame those injuries.

The second year I was thankfully injury free and trained extremely hard and followed a regimented training program. I performed intense hill and speed work in order to reach my target goat. I ended up with a 1:50 time which I was pretty ecstatic about. This year at the National Capital I reached a new Personal Best (PB) 1:44:53. I am aiming to repeat the same time, but there is always that determination and internal competitiveness in me that wants to strive to do better. However, realistically I have found training back to back for the half and having to endure extreme heatwaves difficult. So I will be pleased just to be part of a great race - The Army Run.

My training plan is based on running four days per week, however I usually either add an extra short run in or some cross-training (rowing, biking, swimming), or just do something active that (skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, sports, walking).

Half Marathong Training Plan
National Capital Half Marathon 2010 Race Day

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